One of the main objectives of the BigDataGrapes data marketplace is to embed the outcomes of the project into the datasets and through that to create high value and impact out of the open data. 

The BigDataGrapes project implements a big data value chain approach that increases the value and the impact of the original datasets by applying

  • Transformation services that focus on transforming the unstructured data to structured data. The datasets that are available through the marketplace are structured following either a standard tabular format (CSV) and/or a JSON format.
  • Enrichment services that focus on the enrichment of the data. The BigDataGrapes components for the enrichment of data are used to add standard information about location, product, hazard, disease and company.
  • Data curation services that aim at improving the accuracy and quality of data. The curation is done by the domain experts using the Big Data Platform’s curation environment.
  • Data linking services that focus on interconnecting the heterogeneous data that is collected by the Big Data Platform. This gives to the user the ability to download a linked dataset that combines different parameters of the grapevine supply chain and apply machine learning methods in order to identify useful correlations and predict events.
  • Analytical services that focus on extracting critical insights and forecasts from the historical and real time data. The prediction algorithms developed in the project are used to produce prediction datasets that are available through the marketplace.


Any corporate and public organisation that is producing and harvesting data assets can contribute them to the data marketplace

Using the BigDaraGrapes technology you can contribute your data to the marketplace and transform your data assets into a revenue stream.
The contribution workflow includes big data assets that will help you to enrich your data and share themwith all the users of the data marketplace.

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