Data Providers

Agricultural University of Athens


The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) offers high-level undergraduate and postgraduate Education and Research in Agricultural Science, and its vision is to achieve Educational and Research Excellence so as to occupy a dynamic position in the international academic environment. True to its traditional role of responding to the productive and developmental needs of the Greek economy and society, the AUA intervenes and develops in line with the development and orientation of modern education and science. Moreover, it is in continuous contact with society so as to make proposals and provide solutions to problems that arise within the agri-nutrition sector.


Created in 1979, RASFF enables information to be shared efficiently between its members (EU-28 national food safety authorities, Commission, EFSA, ESA, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) and provides a round-the-clock service to ensure that urgent notifications are sent, received and responded to collectively and efficiently. Thanks to RASFF, many food safety risks had been averted before they could have been harmful to European consumers.




Agroknow is a technology company that since 2008 has been empowering people that work on a sustainable future for our planet. It creates confidence in the food supply chain by collecting, combining, translating, and enriching food safety data to extract tailor-made data insights. It has been working for several years in enabling digital innovation in food and agriculture, empowering innovators in industry, academia and international organizations.


From the word symbiosis, which is the harmonious coexistence of different organisms, and the bee, the most important pollinator of nature, we created Symbeeosis. We believe in the sustainable coexistence of people and the planet, through good nutrition. With excellent bioactive organic materials and innovative practices, we create regenerative organic products from Greek herbs and honey with high nutritional value and amazing taste.




isMOOD is a company in the field of social media analytics. The company collects data from social networks and transforms them to useful knowledge for companies.